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Provincial Nominee Program: is one that assists employers to obtain talent globally. Each province in Canada implements this program in conjunction with Service Canada and Canadian Immigration. Candidates under this program may be permitted to apply for family immigration (immediate family) if applicable conditions are met.

Temporary Work Permits: Employers are permitted to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis as well. Please note a work permit is NOT an immigration document. The employment period will be stipulated on the work permit and extension may be possible.

International Students: are eligible to utilize the program provided they are close
to graduating or are recent graduates from a public funded Canadian college or
university. They must have a job offer from a pre-approved employer in an occupation related to their field of study. Students have up to two years from the time they graduate
to be eligible under the program.

For Candidates

We provide the following services to Candidates:

  • Once you respond to an advertisement you will be pre-screened by our local officers. Please ensure you bring along a hard copy of your resume and relevant certificates for this interview.
  • Should you be applying for employment in a regulated profession you will need to be registered with the governing body of the province.  Please provide us with registration information if you have registered.
  • If you have not obtained registration please inform our consultant at our local office or email louella@alphaworks.ca to enable us to assist you.
  • Once you pass our initial pre-screening and interview your candidature will be presented to prospective employers.
  • We will assist you with preparation for final selection processes.
  • Prior to departure from your home country we will provide you with assistance to ensure you enjoy your transition to Canada.
  • We do not charge recruitment fees to candidates.

For Employers:

We provide the following services to Employers:

1. We partner with you…

  • A prearranged meeting with your management team to discuss and assess your needs
  • Prepare a recruitment plan based on your needs assessment
  • Our partners in India and the Middle East will source and conduct initial screening of candidates
  • AESL will interview these pre-screened candidates before presenting them to you
  • You have the option of using our webcam or onsite interviews for final selection by your HR team

2. We ensure seamless service for you…

  • We will handle all advertising for recruitment on your behalf
  • We will conduct an ‘Orientation Session’ for selected candidates prior to their relocation to provide
    them with ‘new comer information’ on Canada

3.  We ensure completeness and finesse at the end of the process….

  • For group recruitment , if required, our settlement officer can provide assistance with settlement
    services on arrival in Canada
  • We will make a follow up call to ensure your satisfaction with our services

4. We guarantee….

  • The Best Talent and fit as we work closely with you and the candidate
  • The  Best Price as we are most competitive
  • The Best Process as we keep it simple

5. We can provide the following additional services at a nominal cost…

  • Reference checks for candidates in their home country
  • Assistance with Travel bookings for overseas workers
  • Assistance with settlement service.

Your Success is Our Business!

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