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How long does the process take? Am I given preference for visa processing?

The process is governed by the time frame in the country of residence and hence will differ from country to country.  If there is an acute skill shortage in the category you have applied to, there will be a shorter time frame for processing of visas.

Do I have to stay with the same employer for the two year period?

Yes you will have to stay with the same employer.  Remember this employer has invested in you and provided required accommodation and benefits as applicable.  Hence you will have to stay with the employer.

Can I bring my Family with me?

This will depend on the classification of the job.  Unskilled workers cannot bring their families with them.

Can I apply for Permanent Status while I am employed?

We do have a certified Immigration Consultant on our team. Please let us know if you would like us to set up and appointment for you.

 How long will you take to find me a job in Canada?
Once you contact us you will be screened by our local office and then interviewed by our Canadian HR Consultant. We will also need you to provide us with required documentation to support your education and experience. We will then assist you with resume preparation and present your resume to the prospective employer. You will be required to pass
a final interview with the employer. Your application will then be processed through the Canadian
Embassy in your country. Visa processing times differ for countries.

What will the process cost me?

We do not charge any recruitment fees.  However you will be responsible for applicable government levies like registration fees, document certification, visa cost and medical testing. We do have optional services like immigration consulting and specific training
that you may choose to purchase.


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